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Our services: urgent customer needs, customers want to think! For the first time to provide customers with high quality welding nails and related products. After many years of innovation and improvement, now our has formed a a set of excellent service system, perfect after-sales service, regardless of our customers where we organize our salesman door to help you solve the problem of stud welding and by telephone or transfer patterns provide you with technical guidance.
Wing Lung card stud advantage:
1 material quality, high welding strength and welding spatter.
2 pin welding tolerances, production process in strict accordance with the national standards.
3 are all good plating, electroplating and environmental protection electroplating, can withstand salt fog test strictly.
4 varieties, varieties of Yonglong welding nail for most of the country, almost all can meet customer needs.
5 good sales network, we in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, have established a nationwide inventory, customers can enjoy two days of receipt of the service.
Service philosophy: integrity, professional and timely!

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